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When the Huggett Family ceased, Andrew Huggett decided to build on his real-world musical experience by pursueing a career in commercial music. After 13 years on the road, he was happy to relocate back to his hometown of Ottawa and bought a house on the beach in the satellite community of Aylmer, where the family had spent many summers preparing for their fall tours. In 1984 he created Andrew Huggett Music Productions.

He quickly developed a broad client base as a go-to name for commercial jingles, film, and TV music. Amongst many early accomplishments, he was contracted in 1985 by DIC in Hollywood to score 65 episodes of the Teddy Ruxpin TV series. In 1986 he spent 11 days in Shanghai recording the score for The Nightingale with Christopher Plummer, and in 1989 he won the GOLD Award at the New York Film Festival.

In 1993 he joined forces with GAPC, one of Ottawa's most successful production companies, where he continued to compose and win awards for a wide range of projects from 30-second jingles to feature films.

Andrew Huggett retired from GAPC in 2020 to pursue musical projects of a more personal nature.

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