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January - Family relocates to "Sea View", on the Ise of Purbeck, Dorset, U.K..

January - Entire family is enroled at Trinity College, and the Royal College of Music, London

July - CBC documentary series, Telescope, Wales.

September - Back to Sea View and formal musical studies, Dorset.

This is the only year in which the Huggetts did not spend time in Canada.


Oboe Sonata in C Minor
G.F. Handel


The baroque oboe was derived from the eastern shawm and bombard of the middle ages and was the instrument for which Handel wrote this Sonata in C minor. Technically the instrument presents many challenges to the player. The sound tends to the uneven side, and without its modern counterpart's many keys, many fingerings are clumsy and awkward. 

Handel's music is considered some of the finest in the "high baroque" style, and he is consistently recognized as one of the greatest composers of his age. 

This 1973 recording  was produced by Jane Forner.

Andrew - baroque oboe
Margaret - harpsichord
Jennifer - bass viol